Fátima Fajardo - Alier Abogados, despacho en Madrid

Fátima Fajardo is a senior solicitor in the Commercial and Civil Area, with extensive experience in sales operations and structural modifications, setting up subsidiaries outside Spain, and giving corporate and contractual legal advice to companies and professionals.

She has worked in law firms and in Spanish companies and multinationals in the sector (renewable energies), where she worked as Legal Department Manager and in-house solicitor where she held the position of Head of the Legal Department and in-house solicitor, which has given her a broad overview of all legal disciplines.

Fátima Fajardo has a degree in law from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. In 2002 she joined the Madrid Bar Association and has finished several courses on advising and managing companies and a negotiation seminar.

She is a speaker at conferences on commerce and law and has published various new legislation articles.

“Enthusiasm in our day-to-day professional life drives us to want to be better”