At Selier Abogados, we want to be your partners. We are a modern and flexible firm that moves with the times and adapts itself to each client type. We interpret the law and have a highly qualified and committed team.

Thanks to our extensive experience and sectorial specialisation, we guarantee prevention and legal protection to all our clients, using modern and efficient technologies that make communication easier and consolidate our firm commitment to establishing lasting relationships based on trust.

Why choose us?

Modern and Flexible Firm

Each case is different. And so is every client. As a modern, flexible firm adapted to new times, we are ready to face the challenges ahead with guarantees, offering high added value services to all types of companies.

Extensive and proven experience

Thanks to our background in Grupo Atisa, we have extensive experience in the legal matters that affect businesses: employment, commercial and corporate, tax and civil. Together with our expertise in highly specialised sectors such as distribution, transport, industry, and services, this knowledge means that we can guarantee our clients’ prevention and legal protection.

Committed and qualified team

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals committed and involved in the firm’s management through modern and efficient technologies. As a firm adapted to new times and continuously evolving, our team can respond with all possible guarantees to our clients’ different needs.

Leaders in the interpretation of the law

We are the standard-bearers of the interpretation of the law. As a close and highly specialised firm, we bring all kinds of legal and juridical issues closer to our clients through clear, concise and direct language, generating a high added value for their interests.

Use of new technologies

We are firmly committed to using new technologies as channels for establishing direct and efficient communication with our clients. In a globalised and interconnected world, being at the forefront of using new technologies is a constant in our work philosophy.

Committed to continuous training

We implement continuous training services by holding in-company sessions, courses or training days for our clients. As experts in the interpretation of law and thanks to the added value we provide through our expertise areas, we have extensive experience as trainers.

Our Pillars


“We provide legal services offering comprehensive and effective solutions to our clients, with a proactive approach, through a highly qualified and experienced team close to them”.


“Leading firm in the provision of high added-value services to businesses thanks to a team of professionals committed to and involved in their management, using modern and efficient operations. As a firm adapted to modern times and in constant evolution, we aim to respond with guarantees to our clients’ changing consumption habits”.


Team vision
Adaptation to change
Modern and Flexible
Dedication and Responsibility
Passion and Enthusiasm

About Grupo Atisa

Selier Abogados is part of the Grupo Atisa, a leading company specialised in outsourcing processes, with more than 35 years of experience in the market.

With a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cadiz and Ferrol, the Grupo Atisa offers expert, comprehensive solutions in outsourcing critical back-office processes.

Quality, innovation, strategic knowledge of the leading business sectors and the recognised prestige and experience of the Group’s professionals in each area make Atisa the perfect partner for companies to solve complex problems related to their activity, manage risks and improve their results, thanks to process outsourcing.

Backed by more than 800 clients, the Grupo Atisa generates value by offering reliable, effective and efficient management solutions and specialised advice from the team, consisting of more than 150 specialists.