Pablo Jaquete - Alier Abogados, despacho en Madrid

Pablo Jaquete has been practising law since 1998 and has been a member of ICAM since that date.

He specialises in Employment and Social Security Law and has mainly worked in Employment Procedure Law and Collective Bargaining.

He has represented and defended companies’ interests from different sectors during his career, both in public and private spheres and in all types of collective and individual proceedings and social security matters before the courts.

Besides, as a collective bargaining specialist, Pablo Jaquete has direct negotiations and advised companies on Redundancy Proceedings, negotiation of company agreements and pacts, collective transfers and Proceedings for the suspension and modification of working conditions.

“Dialogue to know and understand the concrete situations, together with the experience and study of the law, will allow us to find the best solutions for the conflicts that arise in the world of work”