Verónica Ávila Díez - Alier Abogados

Verónica Ávila graduated in law from the University of Salamanca and has been practising as a solicitor since 2008. She is currently a member of the Madrid Bar Association.

She carries out the technical defence of various financial entities, in all types of litigation and jurisdictions, providing them with the necessary legal advice to safeguard their interests.

Verónica has collaborated in legal consultancy, in civil and commercial law, to small and medium-sized enterprises, to develop their activity optimally.

In her professional career, she has acquired extensive knowledge of civil liability law, after studying and obtaining a Master’s in Civil Liability (5th Edition) from Universidad de Granada, in charge of managing procedural litigation in this field on behalf of insurance companies and individuals.

“I consider that mutual trust is one of the pillars in relations with clients, that is why at Alier Abogados by Grupo Atisa we attempt to create this trust with all of them”