Maribel Vázquez Tavares - Alier Abogados

Maribel Vázquez Tavares is the new Managing Partner of the Civil and Commercial Area of Selier Abogados after integrating the Alonso & Asociados firm.

She has a degree in Law from Universidad Complutense of Madrid and a PhD from the UNED. She has been a practising solicitor since 1992 and has always worked in the field of Procedural and Commercial Law, defending and advising mainly companies in the banking, insurance, construction and real estate development sectors.

She is an Arbitrator in several Arbitration Courts, such as AEADE and ICAM, and has intervened as such and as counsel in many arbitrations.

She has been the Director of the Litigation Department of Alonso & Asociados for the last 15 years. During the previous two years, she has been a Director and member of the Board of Directors of Hispajuris Abogados, the most established law firm in Spain, and she is also a member of the Equality and Diversity Commission of the CEOE (Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales – Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations).

She has continued expanding her knowledge in economic and financial analysis, accounting, corporate law, mediation, law firm management, and business management during her career.

“The thrill of a job well done, together with the commitment to give the best of ourselves, leads us to work intensely every day, to achieve the best results for our clients”